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Q. What is the difference between an interpreter and a translator?
A. Interpretation is the spoken word. Translation is the written word.

Q. Why should I use an agency?
A. Our 26 years of professional results speak for themselves.  Fortune 100 companies rely on us to get their work done, reliably, accurately and on time.  With one call to Language People you get the assurance and security of knowing that your job will be done professionally and cost-  effectively.  We have the capability to schedule another translator should someone be unable to         perform promised work. We keep records on the professional abilities of our translators and interpreters across many assignments – why gamble?

Q. How many languages do you interpret and translate in?
A. Over 150.

Q. What is the cost for hiring an interpreter
A. Charges are based on several combined factors:
  • 2 hour minimum
  • Type of meeting (legal, medical, etc.)
  • Foreign Language vs. American Sign Language
  • Certified interpreter, if required
  • Travel expenses may apply
  • Timeframe before appointment. Short notice may affect the cost.

Q. What are certified interpreters?
A. Certified Interpreters work mostly in legal settings although there is also a medical specialty. These specialists command a higher rate of pay. We provide certified interpreters upon request when the project warrants it.

Q. What is the cost for a translation?
A. Charges are based on several combined factors:
  • Length of the document (by word count)
  • There is a minimum charge for small documents
  • Type of material (technical, legal, or everyday communication)
  • Rarity of language
  • Timeframe allowed for translation.  There is a small fee for rush jobs.
  • Formatting
  • Type of software necessary (i.e., content managers, databases, etc.)

Q. What type of documents can I have translated?
A. Basically, anything from a bumper sticker to a movie.

Q. How do I get my document to you?
A. We can receive and return documents by fax, e-mail, postal mail or courier. Also, on our Get a Free Quote page, you can upload your document.

Q. Does my translated document need an attestation and notarization?
A. If a document is to be used for legal or other purposes that require the translation to be certified, such as immigration, we provide an Attestation stating that our translation is, to the best of our knowledge, a true, complete and accurate translation. This Attestation is stamped with the Agency business seal and can be notarized.

Q. Do you do third-party translations?
A. We will certify the completeness and accuracy of an existing translation performed by someone else. For these projects the cost is calculated on a per hour basis.

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