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There are two modes of face-to-face interpreting:

Consecutive: a person speaks and then waits while an interpreter relays the information.

Simultaneous: the interpreter interprets while the person speaks.

Our helpful staff will assist you in determining which will best suit your needs. *Note that there is a two hour minimum appointment charge for each interpreter.

Interpreting rates vary depending upon the language, type of interpretation, level of certification and length of the assignment. Spoken language interpreters are billed on a per-hour basis (two-hour minimum) with a 15-minute break every two hours. American Sign Language interpreters are also billed on a per-hour basis, but with a 15-minute break after every hour. For appointments lasting more than 2 hours, regulations require that team interpreters must be used. The two hour minimum is charged for each interpreter.

Team interpreters are two interpreters that work together to make sure that the deaf or hard-of-hearing individual(s) does not miss any of the verbal interaction that is taking place.

Consecutive Interpreting is typically used when an interpreter is needed to facilitate a conversation. Some common examples are between: a doctor and a patient, an attorney or advocate and a client, business owner and a customer.

With consecutive interpreting an interpreter waits while the speaker is talking and interprets only after the speaker has stopped, allowing the interpreter to repeat the words in a foreign language. The “conversation” is between the two parties. The interpreter accurately relays the information back and forth, but is never part of the conversation.

Simultaneous Interpreting is typically used when a person or group of people are speaking to an audience. The communication is largely one-sided, but continuous. Examples in which simultaneous Interpreting would be the preferred mode include award presentations, court proceedings, convention speeches and lectures. This mode of interpreting is rarely used with other spoken languages. Typically a sign language (ASL) interpreter listens to the speaker while simultaneously signing what is being said.

Often only State Certified Interpreters are capable of simultaneous interpreting. The ability to simultaneously interpret quickly and accurately is required in order to pass the state certification test. It’s important to know which type of interpreting you need so that we can match you with the best interpreter or team interpreters.

Consecutive interpreting is most common. Be sure to allow more time for the interpreting between parties than with a regular conversation. If you need interpreting services for a group discussion or therapy meeting, with people talking rapidly and sometimes interrupting each other, team interpreting (especially with ASL) is usually required to keep up with the speakers. Simultaneous Interpreting often benefits from team interpreting as well due to the tremendous physical excursion and mental dexterity needed to keep up with a well-rehearsed speaker.

If you are scheduling interpreting services for a meeting that will most likely involve non-stop talking between individuals, or where multiple languages will be spoken, team interpreting is necessary. Conference interpreting includes group sizes ranging from 4-5 people on up.  Two interpreters at a time, per language, are scheduled. The rates for these meetings are different from the rates for ASL and Spoken Language consecutive interpreting services.

Your project may have multiple language groups such as French, Greek and Japanese in attendance.  Maybe a large audience is attending and you need conference equipment to broadcast the interpretation to your non-English participants.

Our highly trained and experienced dispatch coordinators will correlate all of the information about your event. They will then recommend a solution that not only meets any potential legal requirements, but is also the highest quality and most cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

Rates will be quoted based on the individual elements of each project.

Mileage Charges
Language People makes every attempt to book local interpreters.  If it is necessary for an interpreter to travel to your assignment, mileage will be charged at the current IRS published rate.

Confidentiality - HIPAA
We take confidentiality very seriously at Language People. We have processes and procedures in place to make sure that your business information and your client’s personal information is treated confidentially at all times. All Language People interpreters agree in writing to comply with HIPAA confidentiality requirements. We encourage our clients to make any in-house forms available to LANGUAGE PEOPLE to assure that our interpreters are aware of and in compliance with your policies.

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